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Our Approach

VNHELP was founded on the vision that people can begin to pull themselves out of poverty and build self-sufficiency through greater access to resources. To help us realize this vision, we partner with local organizations and individuals in Vietnam who have a deep connection to the people and their needs, and we equip them with the tools necessary for success. Our strategy for engagement and development is based on these five principles:

  • Health: Develop, promote and maintain various programs related to preventive care and health education in rural areas
  • Education: Provide financial assistance to poor students and individuals who have the determination and ability to excel; provide funds to build or repair schools to increase access to education
  • Self-Help: Emphasize self-help programs to enable local people and project beneficies to achieve sustainable livelihoods
  • Direct Humanitarian Aid: Collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our common goal to bring humanitarian aid directly to the needy people in Vietnam
  • Cultural Exchange: Promote Vietnamese culture in the United States through cultural and art events to increase understanding between the two peoples

If you share in our vision of making Vietnam a more equitable and humane country, please consider getting involved with VNHELP.