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Donate to VNHELP

Will you pitch in and make a difference?

$25 feeds a hungry child for a month.

$50 provides free cataract surgery for one patient.

$150 purchases a new wheelchair for a disabled person.

$200 provides start-up capital for a new microloan recipient.

$250 provides a scholarship to a low-income university student.

$300 cares for an orphan or street child for a whole year.

$300 connects 10 families to a clean water source.

$5,000 sponsors a medical mission  (with a VNHELP matching fund). 

$25,000 builds a new school for your hometown (with a VNHELP matching fund).

There are four easy ways to donate to VNHELP:

1) Donate online. Click on the button below, which will take you to our secure PayPal page.

You can also make a recurring donation by clicking the “subscribe” button below.

Recurring Donation
Specify a Program If Other
In Honor of (Full Name)

Is the recurring donation amount you want to make not listed? Let us know!


2) Send a gift through the mail. You can mail in a check or credit card donations along with a donation form specifying how you want your gift to be used. We have conveniently uploaded forms for you in .doc and PDF versions.

VNHELP Donation Form (Word Document) | VNHELP Donation Form (PDF)

3) Donate stock. VNHELP is able to receive stock donations. Contact us if you’re interested and would like to get started.


4) Donate your vehicle.  Got an old clunker you’re finally ready to let go? You can donate your car to VNHELP and receive a fair market value tax deduction. VNHELP will handle DMV and IRS paperwork free of charge. Free towing is also available, depending on where you are located. Get started by clicking on the car icon below. (This will take you to a secure, quick and easy for to fill out, and it can answer any questions you have.)

Vehicle Donation

If you would like any additional information about vehicle donations, feel free to contact us.

Whichever way you choose to donate to VNHELP, we sincerely appreciate your gift!