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Health in Vietnam

Vietnam has made tremendous progress in improving the country’s overall public health and is on track towards meeting many health-related millennium development goals. However, there are still too many Vietnamese dying of preventable causes and too many health risks going untreated. Diarrhea, traffic injuries, and nutritional disorders all remain leading causes of death in Vietnam, while the emergence of lifestyle-related diseases, like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions, remains poorly understood by many.  On top of that, the distribution of high caliber healthcare is uneven, with many poor villages lacking access to and unable to pay for treatment.

As Vietnam continues to reform and develop its health infrastructure, we focus on bringing healthcare to those who need it. We are dedicated to treating poor villagers before their medical conditions escalate to something fatal or permanently debilitating, and we provide health resources to help people attain self-sufficiency. We currently manage three projects to meet these goals.


VNHELP sponsors health clinics in Nam Dinh, Da Nang, Hue, and Rach Gia cities. These clinics serve between 70 – 400 patients a day. Services include medical examinations, eye examinations, care for malnourished children, maternal care and delivery, Eastern medicine and free transportation of critical patients to city hospitals, with some variance between project sites. For patients who can afford it, a modest fee is charged to help maintain the health clinics. For those who can’t, services are completely free. In recent years, we’ve worked to make all prenatal care, baby delivery, postnatal care, and newborn care free to all at the Nam Dinh and Da Nang clinics.


Over 100,000 people develop cataracts in Vietnam each year. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in Vietnam and many who develop cataracts are affected in both their eyes. Although treatable, cataract surgeries can cost around $350 – $400 per procedure, a price too high for many poor patients. To help people restore their site, our Vision for the Poor program teams up with well-qualified foreign and Vietnamese doctors to perform free surgeries and post-op care for cataract patients. If patients are close enough to a provincial hospital to receive surgery, we transport them for free to the hospital. If not, we bring our mobile clinic to them.

With a long waiting list of patients, VNHELP has launched a special matching fund for the Vision for the Poor program. Donations of $5000 and above will be fully matched by VNHELP. You can double your impact and sponsor a medical mission to Vietnam. If you’re ready to make a difference in people’s lives, let us know.


Vietnam is notorious for its congested and haphazard traffic. Traffic signals are barely heeded. Roads and streets can range from paved and pleasant to muddy and nonexistent. For most people, traffic conditions are simply a nuisance. For a person with a physical disability, Vietnam’s traffic is immobilizing. The lack of basic infrastructure can make commuting a daily struggle for those with disabilities, and public and private facilities have no accommodations for those who need it. We distribute free wheelchairs to disabled individuals so they can get their lives going.

100,000 visits annually to VNHELP-funded clinics

4000 cataract surgeries supported

3000 wheelchairs distributed

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If you’d like to help improve healthcare in Vietnam, please consider becoming a donor to our programs. We also welcome any idea you might have about improving the well-being of Vietnam!

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