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How to Help Vietnam

There are plenty of ways you can help Vietnam. One of the most meaningful ways is to become a donor. Your financial contributions help VNHELP maintain quality programs and launch new projects that have life-changing effects for the poor. Follow the green button to the donate page.

Are you a student interested in Vietnamese culture? A traveler who can’t forget the sights and sounds of Vietnam even after returning to you home country? Or perhaps you’re a second generation Vietnamese American wanting to reconnect to your heritage? Getting to know a country through philanthropy is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can pursue, and fundraising for VNHELP is one way you can achieve this. You can hold a charity dinner, plan a cultural show, or engage VNHELP with a matching fund initiative. Where possible, we’ll be glad to come to your school, church, temple, club etc. to speak about our own experiences assisting the poor in Vietnam.

For Working Professionals: You’re busy, we know. You can hardly find time to catch a proper lunch, much less plan a whole fundraising event. But we also know that you have a good heart and want to do something for the less fortunate in Vietnam (why else would you be browsing our site?). We recommend contacting your employer to see if they have a matching gifts fund. Through an employee matching gift plan, your employer meets every dollar you donate to VNHELP with an equal contribution. Each dollar you donate goes twice as far. Some companies may even double or triple your donation. If your employer is also involved in any corporate philanthropy, please consider recommending VNHELP for a corporate grant. It’ll help us out greatly. Just let us know if you need any help getting started.

20-some years ago, VNHELP started as a tiny volunteer organization. We’ve since grown, but we know the value of volunteers and their ability to create positive change. We welcome volunteer of all backgrounds. Let us know your skill set or goals and we’ll try to design a volunteer experience that matches you.

Fill out our volunteer application and let us know your interests by downloading the form, or filling out our online sheet below.

Volunteer Form (.doc) | Volunteer Form (pdf)