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Clean Water

It’s not unusual to see this kind of water quality in Vietnam.

While over 90% of the people living in Vietnam now have access to improved water sources, the latest World Bank figures indicate that a quarter of Vietnamese citizens are still living in unsanitary conditions, where the possibility of waste, chemicals, and water mixing remains high.  Contaminated water not only leads to increased health risks—like exposure to malaria, bacterial infestations, and diarrhea—it can also severely impede a country’s development by damaging the food supply chain and constraining economic growth.

With cleaner water flowing through their pipes and wells, the poor in Vietnam can tend to their water consumption, business, and agricultural needs without fear of being stricken ill by dirty water related disasters.

VNHELP’s water projects connect local people to clean water sources. We are dedicated to sustainable development, so before implementing any project, our local staff and partners assess which type of water system will best match capacity and community needs. In provinces where central water systems are in place, we install mini-pipelines that directly connect poor villages to the water system, ensuring that water gets transported through safe and sanitary conditions. For villages not yet able to connect to central systems, we build wells and filtration systems to treat their existing water sources.

Since we began our water projects in 2009, our water projects have reaches thousands of people in Vietnam.


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Access to clean water is a game-changer, on both a micro and macro level. Help us connect more families and households to a clean water source in Vietnam.

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