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43percent Upward mobility in life is often determined by access to capital. A little capital can help a family purchase goods to open up a shop, enable a farmer to acquire an ox to till the land, or support an aspiring entrepreneur to develop new ideas and solve a village’s recurrent problems. Financial capital is instrumental in bringing a community out of poverty and into prosperity. But with 43% of Vietnam currently surviving on less than $2 a day, it can be difficult for many Vietnamese to manage day-to-day living expenses, much less save up money to expand their current livelihood or jump start a new business.


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Microloans have become an increasingly popular and effective way of addressing Vietnam’s poverty issue.  With small loans ranging from $50 to $400, VNHELP’s microloan recipients gain much needed seed money to begin a new business or scale an existing enterprise. Microloans have already been a positive force for change for millions around the world and will likely continue to be an important tool in elevating the status of Vietnam’s poor in the future.

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400+ borrowers

in 2 provinces


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Our microfinance program reaches hundreds of borrowers in two provinces of northern and southern Vietnam. We continue to expand our reach and research new ways to make our programs more effective.

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A special thank you to Lawrence D’Attillio, a big supporter of VNHELP’s microfinance program, a member of the Elmbrook Rotary Club, and a talented photographer who snapped and shared these photos of microloan recipients with VNHELP.